Almost Friday Media

Almost Friday Media is a media platform, production company, and lifestyle brand. Created by Max and Jack Barrett in November 2019, the company originated as the viral Instagram account @friday.beers and has become one of the fastest growing comedy channels/brands in the world.

Almost Friday makes comedy about partying/socializing and the relationships we have with our friends for 2022. Our mission is coming-of-age, relatable humor through an incredible community and culture based around sports, tv/movies, and music that is positive, inclusive, and says “we’re all in this together”. Our speciality is jokes about party culture that remind you of the feelings you look forward to all week.

Our company comprises a family of social media accounts, apparel/merchandise, sponsorships and branded content, podcasts, a music vertical/record company,live events, as well as television/film projects. Almost Friday…

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Jack Barrett

Max Barrett

Sam Barrett


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