Axon Sports

Axon Sports launched in August 2010 with the Axon Sports CCAT, a concussion management system currently used by schools, leagues, and clubs at all levels, along with leading medical providers to safeguard the cognitive health of Athletes.

While Athlete safety is of critical concern, Axon Sports was founded with a broader goal of transforming the way Athletes train for sport. We also develop products to train the athletic brain and accelerate the curve of skill acquisition.

Today, Athletes develop key cognitive skills through practice time and game experience. We believe there are ways to isolate and train high-speed decision skills off the field or court, through ‘athletic brain training’ and provide Athletes with new training tools that accelerate this learning process and the acquisition of athletic expertise. Using Axon programs, Athletes can get added ‘mental reps’ without taxing the body or risking injury. Axon Sports develops cognitive training products and systems for athletes based on the latest neuroscience research of how athletes use their brain for playing sports. These systems provide colleges and athletes advanced cognitive training tools and technology as a part of a complete program for cognitive skill development.

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