We’re a group of people who are wildly passionate about changing the way content is created on the web. We believe content creation has been constrained by technology for too long and creativity has taken a backseat. We exist to unlock creativity. Our platform empowers the world’s leading brands to share their stories and engage their audiences.

Ceros is a platform that enables designers and marketers to create and publish beautiful interactive content experiences without having to involve developers. Content published with Ceros is sharable, embeddable in social sites and works on all the devices brands’ customers use. With real­time analytics with contextual engagement metrics, Ceros provides the insight brands need to constantly fine ­tune content to grow audience and spark response. Customers of the platform include ShopBazaar, Mini, Stella McCartney, Urban Outfitters, Peugeot, Habitat & Virgin Atlantic.


Founders + Year Founded

Dominic Duffy

Simon Berg


Social Media