Dino Don

Dino Don, Inc, is the rapidly growing world leader in creating robotic dinosaurs and other animals for large public exhibitions. We create the most scientifically accurate dinosaurs up to 110 feet in length that appear in zoos and museums across the U.S. and Europe. Our own T. rex Safari touring exhibition across the U.S. opens in January, 2022.

Dino Don, Inc. is also newly engaged in creating immersive experiences of art and nature for major malls in the United State and Europe. We will soon be featured as “The Dinosaur Factory” in a multi-part cable documentary series. We supply content for many media, including interactive toys. Our website Dinodon, Inc. is devoted to children’s education. Our ongoing Genghis Khan museum exhibition has appeared in dozens of venues internationally for fourteen years.


Founders + Year Founded

Don Lessem

Mark Cuban


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