illuno brings police departments and their local communities together on a simple-to-use marketplace application. Hiring “Moonlighting” officers should not be a time/resource-consuming process for either the Department or the hiring party. We are able to bring all three parties seamlessly together for each event: the Department, the hiring party, and the police officer. 

Based in Dallas, TX, illuno is a law enforcement technology company that offers a streamlined, centralized, application to police departments and businesses so they can efficiently and effectively connect to make safer neighborhoods and establishments. Often times this process is expensive, untracked, and fragmented. illuno fosters accountability, transparency, and overall trust between the public and their local police departments.

illuno supports our men and women in uniform and is committed to helping fund advanced training, equipment, and mental health resources for officers so they can improve their craft in the streets. Our “why” is clear; create a bridge to improve the current divide between police and the communities they serve through user-friendly technology.


Founders + Year Founded

Luke Guthrie

Augustus Hellwich


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