Monkey Mat

Real life inspiration (and desperation!).

Dirty airport floors. Two beautiful baby girls. Six hour layover. *CRINGE!*

Christie wished in that moment for either a constant shower of sanitizer…OR something she would have had with her (without taking up space!) to easily cover that filthy ground. She soon realized a portable clean surface would also come in handy for dirty hotel floors. Soccer games. Spontaneous picnics. Sit-ups at the park. Under highchairs. Outdoor concerts. Festivals. Wine tastings. Camping. Hiking. The desired uses were endless.

She searched for a portable, clean surface to meet our needs, and when (shockingly!) nothing existed, we decided to create it. The brainstorming and prototyping began…hot glue guns and staplers galore…

And so the Monkey Mat was born!

AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK (proud partners with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner!), Monkey Mat is a solution for ALL ages, ALL places.

Your portable floor for in/outdoor use – a large, clean surface you can take everywhere in an attached ultra-compact pouch – Monkey Mat is loaded with fun features and tons of benefits, and has endless uses both indoors and out.

…and take your pets with you with “eez”!

Our *NEW* pet product line, Fur-eez by Monkey Mat, was developed with the same on-the-go nature in mind, as we believe all of life’s adventures should also include our furry family members.

We’re thrilled to share our creations with you, and hope to *inspire* other women to bring their ideas to life too. Thanks for your support and for sharing our journey with us – and don’t forget to be on the lookout for other fun, new Monkey Mat and Fur-eez products!

Now ditch the bulky blankets. Grab your Monkey Mat. And make your space – any place!