Nifty’s, Inc. is the first social NFT platform to bring together premium publishers, brands, and creators with the collectors, curators, and communities of fans that emerge around them. Nifty’s innovative platform and easy-to-use interface allows users to discover, curate, purchase and collect the most relevant digital art and other collectibles from across the scattered NFT universe. Leveraging advanced blockchain technology, Nifty’s empowers artists, creators and partners with a premium, flexible and secure platform to launch their NFTs and make them discoverable by Nifty’s global community.

Nifty’s is on a mission to transform how people experience NFTs by prioritizing accessibility, social interaction and reliability. The platform makes discoverability simple by aggregating the best NFTs from across the universe in one place and enabling curation, helping users find and collect the NFTs they are most passionate about. The platform is easy and intuitive to use while also being incredibly robust and sets new responsible standards for the industry by supporting next generation technology. Through our partnership with Palm NFT Studio, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and Common Canvas, NFTs were created using 99.9% less energy than those created on proof-of-work blockchain networks. 

Most importantly, Nifty’s is making NFTs accessible and inclusive to anyone interested in collecting digital art. There are no economic or geographic barriers to joining Nifty’s and discovering NFTs. Users who do not own or wish to purchase NFTs can create a playlist of their favorite NFTs and share them via our social platform, creating connection, community and social interaction over shared passions.


Founders + Year Founded

Jeff Marsilio

Eric Tesenair

Jordan Lyall

John Scianna

Jeremy Drane

Chris Your


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