Otolith Labs

Otolith Labs pioneered the science behind non-invasive Vestibular System Masking (nVSM), a novel approach for treating conditions related to the inner ear. The patented method delivers a precise, targeted level of force to the acceleration sensors that make up the vestibular system. This mechanical stimulation is designed to mask and alleviate vertiginous signals coming from the vestibular system and provide immediate relief from vertigo.

Chronic vertigo is a 5 million US patient population with a high cost burden and Standard Of Care opportunity. The OtoBand, a safe wearable headband, is expected to be the first prescription medical device FDA approved for the treatment of chronic vertigo. It is designed to be used for the symptom management of vertigo in conjunction with long term treatment options such as vestibular therapy. Current symptom management solutions consist strictly of suppressants (Antivert, valium, Dramamine) which the American Academy of Otolaryngology state are incompatible with long term recovery treatments and can even lead to further vestibular degeneration.


Founders + Year Founded

Sam Owen

Tom Hardart

Jack Daggitt

Didier Depireux

Jon Akers


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