The Diaper Dust

Diaper Dust was birthed from the need to neutralize the smell of a pungent diaper pail.  By unlocking the power of activated charcoal, and applying directly into a soiled diaper, Diaper  Dust’s effectivenss allows families to eliminate bags, pails, and fragrances commonly used to control or mask the odor. 

Diaper Dust’s founder, Regina Crisci, wanted to bring a product to market that not only simplified odor elimination for parents, but did what every other product claimed to do– “work.”

Diaper Dust is a revolutionary way to tackle diaper odor.  By unique application into a soiled diaper, Diaper Dust does not cover, mask, or contain the smell, it eliminates it at the source.

Founder + Year Founded

Regina Crisci


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