TokenScript is a new tokenization standard that will deliver a more integrated web. A token-centric middleware that connects the scale of Web2 with the promise of Web3. 

TokenScript represents a new standard in tokenization in which tokens with a programmable interface will become as transformative as HTML.

Smart Token Labs has been building the TokenScript framework since 2017. A standard that can seamlessly connect Web2 and Web3.

The true potential of tokenization has been overshadowed by speculative trading in currencies and collectibles. In this 3rd wave of tokenization, we will transition from fungible to non-fungible to smart tokens.

Smart tokens will bridge user rights and permissions through the Web3 stack: blockchain, smart contract, user agents, and services. They will deliver the promise of open, frictionless markets and a more integrated web across Web2 and Web3.

TokenScript is a JavaScript/WebAssembly/XML framework to improve the functionality, security, and usability of blockchain tokens in a myriad of ways. It allows token issuers and other trusted authorities to enrich a given token with a wide set of information, rules, and functionalities. With TokenScript, wallets and web services can easily, securely, and privately embed a token with all its functions, both on-chain and off-chain, without the need to understand the underlying smart contract.

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Victor Zhang

Weiwu Zhang

James Brown


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