Founded by ex-Googlers, Upstart is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) lending platform designed to improve access to affordable credit while reducing the risk and costs of lending for our bank partners. By leveraging Upstart’s AI platform, Upstart-powered banks can offer higher approval rates and experience lower loss rates*, while simultaneously delivering the exceptional digital-first lending experience their customers demand.

Lending is centuries old, but has changed little in recent decades. Traditional lenders use simple FICO-based models to decide who is approved for credit and at what interest rate. While simple and intuitive, these “scorecard” methods are limited in their ability to quantify risk.

Upstart is one of the first to apply AI to the multi-trillion dollar credit industry. Upstart goes beyond the FICO score, using non-conventional variables at scale to provide superior loan performance and improve consumers’ access to credit.

The system improves constantly, learning and optimizing in response to daily loan-level repayment and delinquency data. Upstart’s model is significantly more accurate than traditional lending models, allowing us to approve more applicants at lower loss rates.


Founders + Year Founded

Dave Girouard

Paul Gu

Anna M. Counselman


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