As to-go and delivery become more important to restaurants, SAVRpak is the solution to the #1 problem, soggy food. Great restaurants and chefs do their best to prepare food as it’s meant to be eaten, then these meals are stuffed into sweaty humid food containers where condensation destroys the creation.

Our peel and stick pad changes the environment inside the container, removing the moisture and creating an environment to preserve the freshness and ‘intended’ state of the food. Imagine crunchy French fries, onion rings and chicken wings on delivery. Pasta that isn’t clumpy, rice that isn’t soaking wet. Steaks, chicken, and other proteins that aren’t drenched in humidity and worse, water collecting from the roof dropping back down on the food! 

SAVRpak is also at the forefront of the produce industry working with growers to extend shelf-life and prevent food waste! From Spring Mix to Romaine to Microgreens, we are getting up to two weeks extra of extended life!


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Greg Maselli

Grant Stafford

Bill Bergen


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