Brondell was born of curiosity, expanded through creativity, and thrives on innovation.
In 1990, founder Dave Samuel found himself standing in the awe of cutting edge Japanese technology and at the forefront of an American health movement when he traveled to Tokyo and came upon an early iteration of the electronic bidet. For many reasons, it was an experience he wouldn’t soon forget and the idea to bring custom comfort, convenient clean, and a better bathroom experience to the U.S. market followed him through the next decade. In late 2003, with the help of friend Scott Pinizotto and support of business magnate Mark Cuban, Dave founded Brondell, Inc., America’s leading bidet pioneer and healthy home innovator, spurring a new movement in modern wellness.
Since inception, Brondell has earned a reputation for leveraging leading technology to create unique, healthy home experiences for those looking to get more from the spaces and routines they engage with every day. With their award-winning product lines, from the renowned Swash bidet suite to H2O+ water filtration and O2+ air purification, Brondell is not only bringing the absolute best in bidet seat technology to the American market but setting a new standard of health and hygiene for the modern home.
Headquartered at 1830 Harrison Street in San Francisco, California, Brondell continues to develop and improve year over year with sustained growth and consistent goals in creating high-quality healthy home products for all families, lifestyles, and living spaces.

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