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BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon

BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon blends ultra-smooth craft Bourbon with just the right amount of Brown Sugar and Cinnamon. Perfect for sipping, ideal for shooting and optimal as the main ingredient in your favorite cocktails.

Your next sip of BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon is right around the corner. Find BSB at a liquor store, bar or restaurant near you – or stay in and order delivery to your doorstep.

The signature brand, BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon is the “World’s Best Flavored Whisky” featuring strong notes of brown sugar and hints of spicy cinnamon to create a classic whiskey warmth.

BSB 103 is the big brother to BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon. At 103 Proof, it’s MUCH higher octane. BSB 103 uses the same ingredients as little brother, just a lot more Whiskey, and a little less sweet.

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Kyle Stein


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