Civic Science powers the world’s opinions and share them with the decision-makers that care. Civic Science polls millions of consumers to help the world’s leading marketers and other decision-makers see results in real-time and dive deep into the most important trends.

In 2007, CivicScience emerged from the vision of founder and CEO John Dick that market research and opinion-gathering needed a new solution. Consumer and public-oriented businesses that had long relied on traditional polling and survey techniques found those methods were growing tired and less effective in reaching a representative audience. The emergence of social media sharing brought convenience and immediacy of the public’s voice to the table, but also inherent biases and untrustworthy information.

Our ambitious goal was to develop a revolutionary new way to connect the real-time opinions of consumers to the decision makers who need that information every day – but to do so with depth, breadth, and reliability.

With that vision, a small financial grant, and incubator space in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we built our first survey website in early 2008 and, through extensive experimentation, database engineering, and software development, created what is now the fastest, most sophisticated, and most democratic survey solution ever invented. Today, we provide software and services to the world’s leading brands media companies, and investors, while giving a trusted and powerful voice to all people.

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John Dick


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