Earth Brands

In late 2020, co-Founders Misha Medvedev and Peter Frelinghuysen‚ student-athletes at Williams College, saw an opportunity to make a difference.

On their way to tennis practice on Sunday mornings, Misha and Peter would see thousands of red plastic cups littered across their campus and recognized the problem that is single-use plastic waste. They did some quick digging and soon learned just how harmful and ubiquitous the outdated red plastic cups are. So, in April 2021, they launched Earth Cups, 100% biodegradable and compostable cups, an eco-friendly alternative to typical single-use plastic.

Operating with the simple mission of making sustainability cool for next-generation consumers, Earth Brands seeks to solve the issue of plastic waste by providing innovative, plant-based alternatives to environmentally harmful and outdated products.

At Earth Brands, we are strong believers in the future of bioplastics, as we recognize the need to develop more efficient waste infrastructure systems. Ultimately, we think there is a bright future of circular economies for both composting & recycling. Our end-goal is to create products that are 100% sustainable‚ easily degradable, carbon neutral‚ and 100% cool.

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Michael Medvedev

Peter Frelinghuysen


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