At Fabrica our mission is to make Real Estate programmable.

We turn real estate properties into NFTs, allowing individuals and companies to own properties in a radical new way and control them with software.

Transfer them, sell them, trade them, borrow against them. Create fractions or bundle them in a pool. All these operations can be performed instantly. No need to wait for county records to update. No need to run title (and pay for it) over and over again. All this happens with zero paperwork, as you’d expect from any digital asset, be it a stock or a cryptocurrency.

Today we serve land investors: companies and individuals who buy and sell undeveloped plots of land. We give them a self-serve tool to turn their properties into digital assets and transact online.

Tomorrow we’ll allow any real estate asset, anywhere in the world, to be powered by technology instead of paperwork and rubber stamps.

As it happened in other industries, software will give us more freedom by unlocking full control and flexibility of what we own.

Founder + Year Founded

Federico Pomi


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