HiccAway, owned by Higher Innovations Inc., manufactures and distributes an easy-to-use device that stops the hiccups instantly. HiccAway launched in 2020 on Kickstarter.com, featured in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association), and was featured on Shark Tank (Season 13, Episode 12).

HiccAway was invented by Dr. Ali Seifi, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Director of the Neurological Intensive Care Unit at University of Texas Health Science Center. After witnessing his patients uncomfortable with hiccups during intense recovery he realized that there had to be a simple way to relieve this unnecessary discomfort. In his 25 year profession, he had seen solutions and remedies for hundreds of pains, aches and problems, except for one… hiccups. He was determined to create a solution. And after a couple years of testing and countless variations he developed HiccAway! The first ever, drug-free, guaranteed solution to instantly relieve hiccups.

HiccAway is manufactured in Longmont, Colorado, where Higher Innovations is headquartered. Higher Innovations Inc. is lead by Victor Fehlberg, CEO, with Ali Seifi as Chief Medical Officer.” HiccAway makes an easy-to-use device that stops the hiccups instantly!


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