Nic Lamb is a Professional Big Wave Surfer, Entrepreneur, and founder of IceBeanie. Nic grew up in Santa Cruz California and started surfing at the age of 5. He quickly progressed as he started competing at the age of 9 and winning amateur events at the age of 12. Nic became the youngest ever to surf the notoriously deadly wave “Mavericks” in Northern California just south of San Francisco at the age of 14. In his sophomore year in high school, he became the California State Champ in Oceanside, California. Nic quickly built up a fearless reputation in the world of Big Wave Surfing racking up magazine covers XXL nominations for “Performance Of The Year” and began competing on the Big Wave Tour—eventually winning his first world tour event in 2014 The Punta Galea Challenge in Spain. Shortly after in 2016 Nic accomplished a lifetime goal to become a Mavericks Champion.

In 2017 Nic returned to Spain to become a back to back Punta Galea Spain Champion. Nic is still competing full time on the Big Wave Tour—traveling around the globe chasing the biggest waves worldwide! Nic had the vision to start shortly after wiping-out surfing the largest wave in the world—Nazaré in Portugal! Sustaining a serious concussion from the fall Nic suffered from terrible post-concussion migraine headache like symptoms for months after the accident. Frustrated withholding ice packs on his head for relief he set out to design what is now the “IceBeanie.” Nic found that the powerful combination of “Compression Cold Therapy” has not only incredible health benefits for the head, brain, and body but also relieved and eliminated any head pain he was suffering! Excited with the results he found personally now no longer suffering from Post-Concussion Migraine Headaches he wanted to make “IceBeanie” a safe natural drug-free solution for Migraine Headaches and Post-Concussion symptoms available to everyone!


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