Ink, Inc.

If a famous person can sign a physical object to make it rare and valuable, why can’t they do the same with digital content like an Instagram photo, YouTube video, or Spotify song? By signing something, we mark it with our individuality, imbue it with scarcity, and give it economic value. Ink’s technology allows creators to monetize any form of digital content by signing or drawing on it (with their finger in an app) and instantly turn that content into a uniquely understandable 1-of-1 hand-signed NFT. 

By digitally autographing their content with Ink, creators can biometrically mark a print of it as unique, intuitively and authentically converting that content into a digital object that can be bought, sold, and resold through an integrated marketplace experience designed for the mainstream consumer. By pairing the visual uniqueness of an individual signature with the computational uniqueness of an NFT, Ink offers a missing metaphor to culture and helps to usher in the era of digital property.


Founder + Year Founded

Max Brody


Social Media