KlimaDAO is designing and launching a bona fide carbon-backed currency – a currency that’s supply will grow incrementally through increased investment into pro-climate projects around the world, validated by locking Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) into its treasury. 

Developing a carbon-backed currency will give users a legitimate means to ‘price-in’ the cost of carbon to their economic activity, going a long way to answering a critical flaw of our existing capital markets which give no consideration to environmental degradation driven by economic growth. 

Fundamental to our vision is bridging the world of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) with the voluntary Carbon Markets. Currently, voluntary carbon markets are characterized by opacity and intermediaries; they are highly inefficient. Meanwhile, DeFi is a hotbed of innovation, liquidity and novel mechanisms of value creation, but with very little penetration and tangible impact in the real-world. We believe our work in tying these two markets together can be far-reaching and appeal to a range of stakeholders, from climate activists to tech-enthusiasts and policy wonks. 

Public interest and activism in climate issues is at an all-time high, DeFi markets are beginning to mature, and a voluntary carbon markets are entering a period of price discovery — we are confident that now is the time for us to launch Klima DAO, pull on the levers available to us, and be a real disruptive force for change.

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