Mad Rabbit

Mad Rabbit is committed to reinventing the tattoo care space, one revolutionary product at a time. A simple, effective, and reliable product, delivered right to your door.

In 2019, Mad Rabbit was born. Founded by two friends with a passion for ink, they saw an opportunity to create a superior natural solution to help improve the healing process of tattoos after seeing the lack of effective and all-natural products. They were able to share their story with the world in March 2021, when their products were featured on season 12, episode 18 of Shark Tank.

Thus, a brand was built. With the mission to eliminate unnatural and processed ingredients found in traditional aftercare, they sought out to create a product offering that embodied the basics of holistic healing. Mad Rabbit promotes individuality, adventure, and anything badass.

Founders + Year Founded

Selom Agbitor

Oliver Zak


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