Noshi came about because Tomo’s kids just weren’t into mealtimes. He wanted to give them some responsibility in preparing their own food but he couldn’t find any products that were designed to be used by kids. When his friend Pegi emailed him and suggested kids might also respond more positively if food were presented to them by color instead of flavor, a lightbulb went off above his head.

Pegi’s idea became Food Paint and the rest, as they say, is history. And she was right: Kids LOVE this stuff.
Noshi Food Paint ™ and Sketchup ™ are available to buy in over 2,200 Walmart locations and on Amazon, with more products in the pipeline (hellooo Crayonnaise ™, Mustart ™, Noshibles ™ & Noshicles ™!) and more stores coming soon.

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Tomo Delaney

Pegi Gorelick


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