OSARO is a San Francisco-based machine learning company, specializing in AI software for industrial automation. The company employs top talent from UC Berkeley, Stanford, and MIT. OSARO offers integrated perception and control software for industrial scale robotic deployments (ASRS systems, auto manufacturing, food prep, and ecommerce). Since 2015, OSARO’s wider mission has been to build hardware-agnostic AI software that enables robots to function in a variety of environments and perform a diverse set of tasks.

OSARO systems are compatible with various robots, sensors and existing integrator workflows for scalable, fault-tolerant robotic deployments. The company’s cloud-based data and GPU infrastructure is designed for the most flexible, intelligent picking system on the market. OSARO began deploying its first solution, OSARO Pick, in Japan in early 2018.


Founders + Year Founded

Derik Pridmore

Itamar Arel

Michael Kahane


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