Overplay is revolutionizing a $574 billion digital media landscape with the first frictionless platform for user-generated games. With Overplay, everyone can turn their videos into games— in minutes, with no code.

Two out of three Americans find short-form videos the most engaging content on social media, and we’re making these videos even more entertaining and engaging than ever before! Overplay could change how we interact with video, and each other, forever. Overplay’s app can be used to quickly and easily make games from anything: funny moments with your friends, cat memes, cooking tutorials, extreme sports POVs, and more!

Imagine the NBA creating playable highlights reels, movie studios releasing trailers that are games, and car companies making commercials where you virtually test drive their cars. Overplay’s app and licensable technology allows billions of creators, social media users, and brands to amplify audience engagement by making their content interactive. Overplay sits at the intersection of three massive markets: social media, video advertising, and casual gaming. We are merging everything that makes these markets successful into one revolutionary form of digital media that will be consumed and created by BILLIONs of potential Overplayers worldwide.


Founders + Year Founded

Dan Projansky

Caroline Strzalka


Social Media