Pascal Tags

Pascal Tags is a pioneering company that has ushered in a new era. We’ve developed a groundbreaking RFID inventory tag, free from chips or other electronics, which offers affordability, effortless detection, and complete printability, all without the need for human intervention. This solves the $800B problem of inventory distortion (lack of knowledge of what’s in your inventory) that has plagues corporation’s supply chain for decades.

Pascal Tags’ innovation seamlessly blends the best features of existing solutions without the downsides that have created the $800 BIllion problem. Pascal Tags combines the cost-effectiveness and printability of traditional barcodes with the ease of detection associated with RFID and other electronic tags. How does Pascal Tags achieve this? By printing custom conductive and non-conductive materials on-demand, generating a magnetic field that becomes a unique product identifier. This identifier remains with the product throughout its entire lifecycle, effectively serving as its serial number for cradle-to-grave inventory.

Pascal Tags is helping Fortune 500 corporations and beyond who have embraced this new method as a genuine and innovative alternative to barcodes and other inventory tagging methods. For the first time in over four decades, a transformative inventory solution has arrived in the form of Pascal Tags to bring supply chains into the 21st century.


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Brandon Young


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