Relativity Space

Building the future of humanity in space.

We believe the future of humanity is interplanetary. In realizing this audacious vision, we are creating technology that expands the possibilities for human experience and wonder on Earth and beyond. We believe in a more inspired future with people thriving on Earth and on Mars. In the early days of settlement, intelligent automation and lightweight, compact 3D printing are fundamental technologies needed to quickly establish a new society with scarce resources.

Relativity is the first and only company to automate aerospace manufacturing by integrating intelligent robotics, software, and proprietary metal 3D printing technology. Leading an unrivaled team to solve problems never solved before, our leadership includes seasoned veterans and experts from the world’s most renowned aerospace, 3D printing, and technology companies. Together, we are revolutionizing how rockets are built and flown.

Founders + Year Founded

Tim Ellis

Jordan Noone


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