Sonara is a healthcare technology company. It is our mission to make treatment for opioid use disorder more accessible than illicit opioids. The opioid epidemic is still raging, and from 2020-2021, opioid overdoses claimed over 100,000 American lives – the highest ever. Low access to full-agonist medication (i.e. methadone) is a critical contributing factor to this years-long crisis.

Many patients at opioid treatment programs (OTPs, i.e. methadone clinics) require daily visits, but most of these clinics are not set up to utilize remote treatment options. Sonara, our first product, is a trust-building telehealth platform designed to meet the highly specific needs of OTPs and their patients. By increasing access to care for patients, reimbursement for clinics, and savings for payors, our platform will revolutionize the delivery of opioid addiction care.

Founders + Year Founded

Michael Giles, M.D.

Avinash Jayaraman, M.D.

J.T. Menchaca, M.D.

Dimitri Macris, M.D.