Storage Scholars

Storage Scholars simplifies the college moving experience like never before! Founded in 2017 in a Wake Forest University dorm room, the company aims to empower students to serve their peers through an exceptional service-based business. With a track record of 14,000+ moves across 72 college campuses and $1,500,000 in student wages paid, Storage Scholars has established itself as the industry’s trusted provider.

Storage Scholars provides students with boxes, tape, and packing materials a week before final exams. Students pack up, lock their items in their rooms, and go home! Through university partnerships, Storage Scholars’ movers gain access to the dorm rooms after the campus has closed to ensure a smooth and seemless transition to storage for the summer. The best part is, all the items will be ready and waiting in the student’s new space when they return to campus!

Students also have the option to shop and send purchases to Storage Scholars during summer break. They’ll receive, store, and deliver everything so it’s ready and waiting in the student’s room for their move-in day. Now, students can fly to college for the first time and have their belongings waiting for them upon arrival.

Founders + Year Founded

Matthew Gronberg

Samuel Chason


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