Unite Genomics

Unite Genomics is a health technology company focused on advancing medicine through large-scale analysis of genomic and health data. The company uses machine learning to accelerate access to trials and therapies through the application of AI to population-scale health data.

Be the breakthrough and accelerate discovery with your data

We’re calling the rare disease community to take action, it’s time to come together for a better future for all. Share your health story and be the impact that improves the lives of millions of people now and in the future. Remember that the future is uncertain and we don’t know when a rare disease could affect our lives directly or indirectly but what we do know is we have the power to act now and bring change. There’s power in our actions, so we empower everyone to take an active role in accelerating progress in the fight against rare diseases – from the community to international organizations. It starts with us, Unite today!


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Taner Dagdelen

Anthony D. Joseph


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