Percepto is a computer vision platform designed specifically for drones. Based on NVIDIA’s Tegra K1, Percepto’s optimized hardware and SDK reduce the effort of making developer code airborne to a minimum.

Percepto’s autonomous drone solution enables the continuous surveillance and digitization of assets and security at industrial sites around the globe. This is all facilitated by a visionary team based in the US, Australia and Israel, focused on pushing the boundaries of industrial automation.

Percepto has deployed systems across the Americas, Europe, and Asia to solve the most critical operational challenges for power plants, industrial sites, mines, ports, defense sites, and critical infrastructure. We pride ourselves in not just solving problems at single locations, but scaling with organizations to provide solutions for security, inspection and ongoing operational challenges.

At our core, we believe in developing technology that complements skilled human labor with state-of-the-art robotics and software. We proved that autonomous solutions for industry aren’t the future, but instead real, scalable technology impacting business’ productivity, security and safety.


Founders + Year Founded

Dor Abuhasira

Sagi Blonder

Raviv Raz

Ariel Avitan


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